9:30 am Sunday school
11:00 am Worship
7:00 pm Hannah Prayer
(Third Monday)
7:00 pm Adult and Youth Bible Study


The UBBC Computer Learning Center was established in early 2007 out of a need and a sense of responsibility to provide a service to the church membership and the surrounding community. The objective of the center strives to increase the possibilities for children and adults to achieve greater academic success. The development of computer skills and access to the information highway are critical to the overall educational development process.


It is envisioned that the Computer Learning Center’s training program will help to improve or enhance an individual’s computer skills to a functional level. This in turn helps to address direct and indirect problems and demands of our society’s ever-increasing reliance and constantly changing information technology. The program is well organized and is currently managed, maintained, and operated within the confines of the church by a thoroughly experienced Program Director and Assistant Instructors.


The UBBC Computer Learning Center consists of seven state-of-the-art computers connected to a wireless network. It was designed and setup to provide training in basic and advanced computer skills. The concept of the Computer Learning Center is tied to our Christian responsibilities and truly represents an extension of the church out into the surrounding community.