9:30 am Sunday school
11:00 am Worship
7:00 pm Hannah Prayer
(Third Monday)
7:00 pm Adult and Youth Bible Study


Agape: “Selfless love felt by Christians for their fellow human beings”

Our mission is to be well trained youth, loving each other in unity. Making positive changes within the community is one of our goals. Being witnesses to other youth about the goodness of the Lord, to contribute to the growth of UBBC, and to lead each other to the path of righteousness.

Youth Choir: Our Youth Choir is a dynamic place for young people to get involved in the music ministry by praising and worshiping the Lord through song. They sing every 4th Sunday.

Junior Ushers: Developing youth to become leaders of today, tomorrow, and the future. Junior Ushers are trained to greet and seat the congregation, assist with offering, and offer assistance where needed during the worship service. Junior Ushers serve every 4th Sunday.

Praise Dance: A worship and praise experience through interpretive dance, in an effort to usher in the Holy Spirit that God might be glorified. "Let them praise His name with the dance......." Psalms 149:3

Mime Ministry:  A form of worship using sign language, facial expression, and body movements to convey songs of worship and praise.

Drama Ministry: Our drama ministry is God’s word brought to life. Our purpose is to bring a deeper spiritual revelation and more personal connection to the written Word of God by an exemplifying element through inspirational and interpretive movement.