9:30 am Sunday school
11:00 am Worship
7:00 pm Hannah Prayer
(Third Monday)
7:00 pm Adult and Youth Bible Study


On October 28, 1922, Union Bell Baptist Church was organized. What started as a lodge hall is now the driveway of the church. During the erection of the church, the initial members were: Ms. Lucy Carter, Mrs. Angie Ray, Mrs. Mary White, Mrs. Easter Washington, Mrs. Grace Greer, Mrs. Nannie Barnett, Mrs. Maggie Griffin, Mr. Silas Ray, Mr. John Taylor, and Mr. Joseph Boxley. All of whom are now deceased.

The church structure and building was first erected by the late Reverend George Ray, and pastored by Reverend William T. Tyler. Reverend Tyler served as Union Bellís pastor from 1922 to 1927. He was succeeded by Reverend Peter Carter, who served as pastor for twenty-seven years (1927-1954). Reverend Carter is fondly remembered as a sincere speaker and excellent leader.

Following Reverend Carter, Union Bell would have eleven pastors: Reverend Warren Hudson (1955-1958), who had the present day pews installed, Reverend Abraham L. Colston and Reverend Cortez Davis (1964-1976) who finished the annex, purchased the present day pulpit set, piano, and new heating system. Also, during Reverend Davisí tenure with Union Bell, a senior choir and community choir was organized. Later, the dining room was completed, newer restrooms were installed, and carpets were laid. After Reverend Davisí resignation in 1976, Reverend Ronald Williams became Pastor (1976-1977), followed by the late Reverend Arthur Joyce (1978-1988).

Under Reverend Joyceís leadership, the church was bricked, a stain glass window was placed over the front door, a picture of the Lordís Supper was added behind the choir stand, air conditioning was installed and more pews were added.

Reverend Charles Payton was Union Bellís eighth pastor (1988). During Reverend Paytonís leadership new choir seats, carpeting and paneling were installed, and a new kitchen stove and copier were purchased. Reverend Payton resigned in 1988.

Union Bellís ninth pastor was Reverend Harry W. Andrews (1988-1993). Reverend Andrews brought a surge of teaching into the church, with an emphasis on understanding Godís Word and the baptismal pool was installed.

Reverend Charlie G. Hinton was Union Bellís tenth pastor (1994-2000). During his ministry, renovations were done; adding a new wing onto the dining area and expanding the parking lot. Pastor Hinton served for six years before passing away after a short illness.

On October 20, 2001, Union Bell elected its eleventh and present pastor, Reverend Clarence E. Mays. Reverend Maysí leadership allowed Union Bell to pay off the expansion mortgage within three years. The church established a computer learning center, allowing members to learn computer skills. In 2009, additional land and property was purchased.

Reverend Mays has a vision, not only for the church, but for the community of people that are lost, as well as those who are found. He believes, ďpeople coming into (our) church have been beaten up with the worries and burdens of this world." They bring with them their baggage and insecurities, hurts, pains, and memories of their past. Thinking back, when Jesus himself was posed with the question, ďWhat is the greatest commandment?Ē He said ďLOVEĒ. If we are to make a difference in our churches and our communities, we must start with love. Union Bell must be a Holistic ministry; continually reaching out to meet the needs of the church as well as the community. If one hungers, (we the church) feed them; if one is thirsty, (we the church) give them drink. Faith comes with work, and by examples of love all will see what love really is and come to receive and accept Godís Word.

The church of Union Bell Baptist Church is here to stay.